PLC Time

ImageThe other teacher and I exchange pleasantries as she packs up and erases the board and I log into the computer.   As she leaves, I notice new posters hanging and I am glad to have student work adorning the walls.  A change.  Something to look at.

Later, as I walk around to work with my students, I see large crude drawings surrounded by words, a character study.  They are reading The Lord of the Flies.  I see Ralph and Piggy and Simon and Jack, and Roger  Who is Roger?    Another character lies hidden by a crease.  Days pass and no one has bothered to hang it back up, so I fold it and put it on a stack of her things.

Today I see three pink sticky notes next to Jack and I become curious.  Are they part of the assignment?   Why don’t the other posters have them?  So I cautiously peel them back to reveal the cartoon brutality beneath.


Why cover that?  Who are they protecting?  Them?  Me?  I am interested and amused, both about the symbolism of the  act and the reality of it.  The next day when I see her, I  will forget to ask.  The  posters will become ubiquitous and invisible and are only replaced when she has more student work to hang.


2 comments on “PLC Time

  1. So who is Roger??? I have to say it took me, an elementary-oriented teacher a moment to realize what is going on–we all have our own classrooms as opposed to sharing them. I love your questions at the end–they are provocative, to say the least.

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