First Twitter Chat

I’ve been on twitter for over two years, and i just participated in my first twitter chat in January. It wasn’t planned, but I saw the beginning of a chat that combined the teaching of English and technology in the classroom. I felt confident enough with the subject to jump in.  It was scared when I published my first tweet.  Had I missed a typo?  Would I sound stupid?  And then my adrenaline pushed out the fear as people responded to my tweets.  The hour rushed by as I commented 8 more times.

One thing I noticed is that, as a contributor, I missed out on some of the discussion while I was working on my next tweet.   I guess that’s what the archives are for.  Next time, I will make sure to be on my computer rather than my phone to help me speed up the typing.  You can only do this once, but I recommend letting people know this is your first twitter chat.  They group was very supportive and a few started to follow me at the end of the chat. 

I had always assumed that folks who joined in chats were experts, and some are.  I think most, though are looking to connect and learn.   After connecting with my peers, I felt energized as a professional.  I became a part of something bigger than my classroom.  And I felt brave, like I do know, trying  push past my trepidation and write for a public audience.  Thanks!

Link to twitter chats in education


4 comments on “First Twitter Chat

  1. Meg, you are brave. I have read lots of tweets but have yet to chime in on a chat. I am a newbie on Twitter, only a few months. Your line, ” I felt energized as a professional. I became a part of something bigger than my classroom” rang true to me when I first just followed a chat. Hooray for you! How exciting to have followers.

  2. I’ve been wanting to try this, but committing to an hour long chat is hard. When you do this do you think you will use tweetdeck to help you keep up? I am going to have to take the plunge!

    • I need to spend more time with tweetdeck and its peers. I hear that’s the way to go. Now it would be more of an impediment because I’m not sure how to use it exactly. (Insert embarrassed emoticon here)

  3. Ohhhh! I was so proud of you throughout your post, but I really loved your last line. “And I felt brave…” Isn’t that what we all want to feel!?!? Twitter chats really do get me thinking and learning a lot. It’s a little addictive…

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