Kicking and Screaming

Katie is that friend who cajoles me into facing my fears. She has persuaded me to run a 5k, swim in a triathlon relay, and take on some of the scarier rides at Water World. As we slid down the six story tunnel of The Revolution, I remember screaming, “I hate you” and “We’re going to die!” Yet, at the bottom, I grabbed her arm and pulled her back into the line wanting to do it again.

Fear makes your world smaller. For about 10 years of my life, I was afraid to fly. My travels were limited to places I could reasonably reach by car or boat. My whole family was affected by my fear. Now that I am willing to fly again, we have traveled to Hawaii, Costa Rica, and The Dominican Republic.

I  don’t want to create a blog. I am afraid that I will be criticized. I am afraid that I have nothing to say. I am afraid to make myself vulnerable.

Why am I doing this?

I was fortunate to attend the TIE (Technology in Education)  Colorado conference last month at Copper Mountain Resort. The sun shines so brightly up there. The Featured Speaker at the conference was Steve Hargadon, a pioneer with social media and education who records a weekly podcast on topics in tech ed. He inspired me to create this blog. He said that if we wanted our students to be connected learners who are willing to put themselves out there, we needed to model that ourselves. So here I am. A little scared, a little excited, trying to remember to put only one space after a period.



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